1. Bonsoir
    pleins de pensées pour ta famille en ce moment difficile
    merci pour tout grace à toi beaucoup de personne
    vont beneficier d’une belle technique populiste et ecologique
    grace à toi le soleil brillera encore plus!!!
    alors bon voyage à toi !!!
    on ne t’oubilera pas !!!

  2. I would sometimes wonder where Tyler was and what he was doing, how he was handling international borders, earning income, what language he was speaking, whether he was using telecommunication infrastructure, etc…. so many little life details that had to be handled differently. But I always came to the same vague conclusion that he was enjoying his life experience, that he was putting his relative “freedom” to good use, that he was better off as a fugitive than with Billy Cottrell passing the days practicing prison-reform activism from the inside. I took strength knowing that whatever bad place Tyler had landed in following the events of August 2003, there was no one more capable and resourceful than Tyler to make the best possible subsequent decisions and even redefine for himself and for all the rest of us what it really means to “be free”. I would wonder about my own life: am I putting my own freedom to good use, am I doing enough to help others in the world achieve their own political, social or economic liberation? Tyler was an activist—admittedly an extremist—but his ideas and actions where honest and consistent. I wonder if ever future generations will be more generous towards Tyler’s kind of activism. Just as we vigorously prosecute violent crime over a more benign property crime; perhaps “ecology crimes” or “resource crimes” will also trump property crime as humans better define the goals they hold in common with one another. It doesnt appear that we as a species are taking this route, yet I have no doubt that this is the morally correct path and I think that was Tyler’s point.

    I remember in class at caltech with Tyler, the prof handing candy bars to the unshaven, dirty, dreadlocked half-math-half-beast who actually did the hardass extra-credit “Information and Complexity” problems—all you have to do is feed this peculiar animal and *it* does mathematical proofs for you!

    or the stickers on the I-210 overpass reminding everyone in pasadena to unite under a common system of units: GO METRIC!

    or the extreme skateboarding movies…some of the most expensive skateboarding footage the world has (n)ever seen.

    It is tremendously sad to read of Tylers parents and sister broadcasting their love out to him because he didnt feel capable of safely contacting and communicating with them. And then after these six years to have this terrible, tragic news. My thoughts are with the Johnson family….

  3. Well said, Brian.

    I remember once talking with Tyler about bicycling around China after graduation. When I heard he had to live the fugitive life, I imagined him out there riding around without me.

    Sometimes I would dream about running into Tyler in some faraway market. He would be nervous to be recognized. I would pick up a message to his parents, pat him on the back and tell him to keep going.

    I don’t think any of his friends understand how he slipped from activist to radical. But Tyler was never one to do things halfway.

    It’s comforting to know that he was living the life we all imagined him to be living…wandering the mountains and devising new ways to change the world.

  4. Even if it is late I wish to pay tribute to Tyler Johnson, a brilliant young man, whom I have met too briefly eight years ago.
    I just come back from a trip to Corsica where Julia, a friend of mine, showed me the Corsican newspaper “Settimana” (dated 20th of July 2015) with the article relating the story of Tyler in Corsica. This is what prompt me to post a comment here.
    Eight years ago, I travelled to Corsica with Eva Cantavenera to help kickstart the solarfire project. We were to meet Eerick Wissenz near Corte. Eerick is one of the initiator of the project This is how I met Tyler who had befriended Eerick a couple of months before. By then, Tyler had become deeply involved with the solarfire project.
    Julia, the lady I mentioned above, is one of the numerous Corsican people who offered to help Tyler and Eerick at the time.
    Being passionnate about the environment, as Tyler was, Eerick, Eva, Julia and I used to have lenghtly discussions about it.
    I remember going for a walk up a mountain near Corte with Tyler. It was his idea as it was an area he particularly liked and he wanted to show it to me. On the way back down the valley, we came accross a lost hunting dog. We got him to follow us and we manage to find its owner. The Corsican man was very thanksful to us.
    On another occasion, I shared with Tyler and Eerick satirical Youtube vidéos making fun of politicians when they attempt to exploit the natural world.
    Eerick and Tyler also did a slide presentation to a classroom of teenagers in Corte. The kids were impressed with the solarfire project presented to them by two foreigners.
    I just wanted to share these few moments with you.
    I also have a couple of pictures that I could send to you, Patrice. You may choose to post them on the blog. Let me know.
    Looking back at it, I believe people like Tyler deserve to be listen to with respect. What they have to say is so important to all of us. They talk about freedom, equity and justice for all with a deep loving feeling for the environment. They talk about making our dreams come true.
    After a few days, I went back to the French continent and I distanced myself from the solarfire project following another path in life.
    Of course at that time none of us had any idea, Tyler was in trouble with the US governement. I regret it, because I think we could have shared the burden with him.
    May he rest in peace.
    Even if it is nearly six years ago that Tyler passed away, all my sympathy goes to the Johnson family.

    “(…)In this world of push and show,
    He still got freedom in his heart(…)
    And chasing southern lights,
    In the distant sky,
    And open plains with montains high (…)”
    DRIVING WHEELS- Jimmy Barnes.

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